Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Money-hungry sexist media?


Hey Robin and Erik,

You know, I have been meaning to ask this for a while now, but somehow I just have not gotten this inquiry to y'all...

Why is that so many times the Sun Post uses objectifying images of women? I can count handfuls of photos where women in bikinis (or other attire that leaves little to the imagination) are on the cover of the issue or in the pages of the web site? Many time the women are in attire that has nothing to do with the article (i.e. a gambling issue with a bikini clad woman with her chips; or a the Winter Music Festival issue with a bikini-clad woman wearing headphones, and so on). These images solidify the idea (in the minds of those who believe this idea) that women can be used for commodification; to "sell" newspapers...

It is not right, and as a professional paper with women employees, I think we have an obligation to not furhter marginalize a sex that is already consistently stereotyped. This is especially important in a city such as Miami, where obtaining a particular body image is an everyday struggle. It creates and perpetuates abuse (both by other people, and to the women themselves), violence and so on.

I hate to be pointing fingers, but....





Thank you.

While there are many many viewpoints even within the feminist dialectic about this issue that could be discussed philosophically on end, as a feminist/human being I agree with you completely in cases when the images are used purely to "sell" a cover and not to reflect in any way the society in which we exist (although to a degree they always do).

Thank you for the kick in the pants to remind me to be more aware and sensitive personally and professionally. I will try to make a difference in whatever way I can on the issue. Thank you for speaking up and letting us know that what we are doing is NOT OK with you. It does mean something even if the results are not immediately visible.

I would welcome further dialogue and suggestions.



Hello Robin.

I am class right now, but on a short break, and wanted to first tell you thanks for your response regarding the photos presented in the Sun Post. It feels weird to thank because we ought to all be at this level, but none-the-less...I appreciate it.


Sure. Regarding my response. Actually, too bad i can't print it as a letter to the editor since you are a contributor because it would be interesting to see the response from the community. Believe it or not, no one has written in to us to that effect. I did bring it up in the copy meeting yesterday so it's on our minds. That said, since you can't print the letter in our paper I submit that, on the local level, you pretty much could send the same letter to both the New Times and City Link, with a few minor adjustments, as a letter to the editor that potentially could be printed and make an impact on a larger scale.

There also is room to counter this by writing more stories that focus on the women's achievements and issues affecting women locally.


Why can't we post it anonymously? It is not like it is ethical to plaster half-naked women anyway (pls. don't take this the wrong is not you I am upset with; it is the patriarch that the paper publishes in).

I do not see the same ads on the New Times, but then again, I have not looked at it as closely.



Thought you might appreciate the "humor" in this....



It is interesting that someone would closely scan the ads, but then again, that quote is a little out there.

How gross that the Madonna is not taking to heart the true sexist nature of the establishment -- making a joke of the objective format. That's life in Miami Beach; isn't it?