Monday, April 9, 2007

Why can't women just be athletes?

So I was at the beach yesterday -- it was a lovely Sunday afternoon -- and off in the distance the low rumble of a plane met my ears as I stepped on to the sand. As the plane(s) came closer, I realized that it was a giant ad attached to its rear. Astonished at what the slogan read, I whipped my camera out....

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So despite that fact that women train hundreds of hours in the gym, on the jogging path, and in their marathon-preparation diets, this sign basically says we are not equal, that we are still going to be further ostracized in society. Oh the marginalization...This reminds all of us women that big, fake boobies are the "norm", and that we are also supposed to tread lightly...we can't have a girl working out, or winning for that matter, can we? Oh no. It appears that we must be dainty at ALL times, including while running marathons.