Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The consequence of being fed up with Paris.

Oh my F'n goodness.

This video clips makes me ask whether folks can actually believe how utterly sexist and gross MSNBC's Mika's co-horts are?


First, they SMELLED a Paris Hilton story script (the actual paper it was printed on) -- as if the balled up tree-product was an actual woman. And as if they have any right to stick their noses on another person.

Second, they say that Mika is fighting a mousy comment made by her father -- as if a woman (who is obviously intelligent) needs to be angry to prove that she has an agenda, a goal, or a (gasp) a reason for waking up in the morning. They allude to an idea that many who fear strong women point to: that having a clear head means that a woman is stepping out of her role of demure servant, and that she must be slammed back to subservience.

Finally, the men completely mock her decision to be a upstanding journalist (we can't have a woman making big media decisions, now can we?) by still showing the Paris clip.