Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Pro-Age Commercial

In a world where young beauty is the end-all-say-all to society's definition of attractiveness, Dove, the skincare folks, have come up with a new concept: Pro-Age.

The idea is that while there are hundreds of products out there to keep a woman beautiful, i.e. young-looking, whose tag lines include the phrase ANTI-AGE, Dove has decided to hell with that unrealistic intention, and instead, invites women to accept the skin they are in.

Their new commercial,which is apparently too risqué for TV, but is available online for discussion, targets those who don't resemble teenage girls -- you know, the ones in every other ad ranging from clothes, to cars, to fast food...is it possible to ever forget Paris Hilton's own risqué car-washing/meat-eating commercial?

Sure, in the Dove commercial, the product placement is first -- they focus on the way the lotions, hair styling tools, and creams lend themselves to the "beauty within," which kind of goes against the argument of getting American's to change their minds about the way they perceive the outer physique of older (than what...23 years old) women -- but the company still sprinkles in an underlying message of being comfortable with wrinkles, sun spots, graying hair, and so on.

Dove conducted research, in hopes of finding the true voice of women, and found these results:

Misconceptions and Invisibility
91% feel the media and advertising need to do a better job of representing realistic images of women over 50
75% report that anti-aging ads often portray unrealistic images of women over 50 using these products
Nearly 60% of women globally believe that if magazines were reflective of a population, a person would likely believe women over 50 do not exist

A New Generation of Women
87% believe they are too young to be old
92% believe past generations of women over 50 were not doing the things women over 50 are doing today

Health and Beauty
89% feel it is important to care for rather than disguise their changing physical appearance

That's right Patriarch America...attempts are being made to smash the normal perception of beauty. No more masks. What a concept.