Friday, June 1, 2007

BBC Nuggets

An Indian Airliner asked its flight attendants to drop any extra weight because while the carrier holds cargo, the powers-that-be do not want junk in the women's trunk. When the ladies complained, saying the qualifications were demeaning, and misogynistic, the company (and the subsequent court who ruled AGAINST the attendants) said, "I do not understand how it is any way unfair, unreasonable and insulting to their womanhood if they are asked to control their growth." The article goes on to say that Indian culture is mirroring that of Westernized standards, i.e. skinny women, but I contend that these types of commands go way beyond the weight on a scale; it is YET ANOTHER way for women's bodies to be controlled.

For $80, Japanese women can now hold a man. And I am not talking about some sort of red light district advertisement. Boyfriend Pillows are now being offered, and made for, single women. There are numerous things wrong with this product: first, it is advertised only to straight women; second, it appears to be race discriminatory as it is only offered with a light-skinned hand; third, it says that men are gross ("does not snore, make commands, [or] betray."); and lastly, it is just disturbing to think that women NEED to feel a man's comforting arm in order to catch some z's.