Friday, October 26, 2007

Transgender Inmates' Have Rights Too

The Inmate Sex Change Prevention law DENIES transgender inmates from accessing hormones, etc, which are required to maintain their identity. Prisons can deny inmates these drugs, but as three transgender people state in a federal case against the corrections system, “stopping their treatments would be a form of cruel and unusual punishment, and would violate their right to equal protection under law.”

The real issue here is that many say that those who are not comfortable in their body, and are seeking to reveal the real them – i.e. the gender they identify as – are mentally unstable. We are supposed to be who we are: those born with a penis are boys (and masculine), and those born with a vagina are girls (and feminine). No exceptions. No wiggle room.


These debates feel like they go on and on, round and round. What is it about forcing someone in to a box? Why?

Please find out if your state is actively denying transgender inmates important hormone treatments. If so call them, email them, and tell everyone you know that the perpetuation of "moral" gender identification is wrong. This is especially important to those who already have so many of their human rights stripped because they sit in a jail cell.