Thursday, August 9, 2007

Caddy Chicks

It's summertime, and for many that may mean vacations, relaxation and golf. This year's outing can be spruced up with the help of some [warning...this is annoying] good-looking ladies:

If you're a golfer then you know that lugging around those clubs can be a pain. Thankfully the caddy thing caught on. Well now this concept is being taken to a whole new level. Allow us to introduce... the "Caddy Chicks" - these ladies are really making golf look good! Check it out.

That is a blurb on a golf and caddy service called CaddyChicks.

Hmm. First, I thought that caddys were there to serve as an aid, maybe offer advice; not prostitute their looks.

Not only does the web site boast that the caddies will "spice up" a golfers' game, but they also say the golfer will laugh more, and be the "envy of their buddies." Wow. Golf has always been a classy game, and it is nice to see that well respected courses will be dotted with escorts. Keep it classy! More, I wonder how many women and men -- who would potentially use this service -- are in relationships, and whose partners may find it frustrating that their significant other needs to "spice up" their game.

That being said, I think it is cool to see that the CaddyChicks mission is to break women in to the often very-male game of golf. The compnay offers an oportunity for women to get out there and learn more about the game, work, and play a vital role in the sport. It also gives out scholarships. However, the approach is a bit off for me -- using women to bring spice, good looks and/or envy to a game appears to go against the idea of their mission.