Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Putting the moron in oxymoron.

Here is an interview with a writer who is making attempts to smash some of the stereotypes between the sexes. In many ways, Robert Dubac, who created the theatrical performance, "Male Intellect: An Oxymoron", is admired because he first attempts to find some of the differences, and then he applies this to life lessons: he basically says that when men admire the idea of putting "a few notches on his belt," they tend to live up to an unsafe, unemotional foundation.

Ok. Good stuff, but what ticks me off about Dubac is the fact that he is supposed to be this expert on the sexes: being able to identify the differences. Well, first off, the interviewer asks him about the differences in his new town in Colorado, of which he first calls the female population GIRLS, and then he makes a silly generalization: “The girls don't shave their legs as often." Huh? What a random thing to say about women in Telluride.

This perception is interesting because GIRLS don't shave their legs because, um, they are too young; but more importantly -- because it is clear that Dubac meant women -- it is important because he goes on to give the golden answer to "what do women want." I can't help but wondering how in the world he can know anything if he still considers them people with the intellect and needs of a child?

He says that women basically want the same thing as men, but because they only want to be "CHERISHED" for their hard work -- as opposed to the "RESPECT" that men crave -- they go through different steps to get to their goal.

This actually may be true, as women have no choice sometimes but to take other routes to get to the top because let's face it, there are many roadblocks in the way (pressure to be in a traditional role, sexism, the glass ceiling...) but come on Dubac, elaborate.