Friday, May 25, 2007

Cosmetic Genital Surgery

As if women did not have enough to worry about: the ideal is to have big, perfect breasts; be skinny; have perfect hair and teeth; no stretch marks or fat; be wrinkle free, and must please society by being ultra feminine, demure and conforming, they also need to have perfect genitals.

More and more women are having surgery to make their labia more "normal." What in the world is this? Once again our bodies are up on the auctioning block, and only those with streamlined bodies can participate in NORMAL.

Sure, there may be medical reasons to have a procedure like this done, but I would imagine that -- thanks in part to pornographic material, women's and men's magazines, etc -- much of this comes from the need to be picture-perfect; like dolls. In fact, I wonder if the need to have smaller labia reverts back to similar arguments about rail-thin models who appear to be 12 or 13 years old. Is this yet another way to have grown women resemble children (which means innocence, submissiveness, and so on)? I mean, if men want to keep their women in check, maybe some believe that there is no better way than to have them act and look like children...