Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Feminist Videos

Men asking Men: What is a feminist. Warning, these men (and women) are (mostly) ignorant -- believing that all feminists are militant, lesbians, hate men, hate children.

Bill Maher's explains his view of feminism. Personally, I hate that he equates feminism to holding men down, being the authoritarians, being overly sensitive, untruthful and ball breakers.

Quite the contrary, NO feminist would kick their man down, instead we embrace the equality. We are not saying men are stupid or that they cannot have their libido. Real feminists don't have stickers on their bumpers that say, “Men are dogs.” No, the idea is to treat one another with respect, and the ideas that Maher is perpetuating are that women want to be the traditional male (you know abrasive, smart, sexual and more). They just want to be able to adopt these roles without a gender attachment. Why is that so difficult to comprehend? More, he is forgetting that there are handfuls of men out there who also call themselves feminists. Why? Because dissolving gender roles are good for everybody – men and women alike. It is not one or the other as the person in power; instead both can have a piece of the pie. That is the point.

This radio host is on the airwaves reminding people that women and men are equal, but they are different. Ok. I think women know that we are different, but the idea of being equal means choice. If a man or a woman wants to take care of children, work at home, dress feminine or masculine, they should be able to. He cites a report that says that they only way to change is by allowing the lines to be blurred a bit. I say, YES!! He says god did not design the sexes to be flexible.