Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday News

While I think it is a good thing that society recognizes that women no longer need to live only to procreate, new drugs to completely eliminate monthly periods seems a bit unsafe, as it goes against our natural body cycles. Then again, is the period’s natural cycle only set up to encourage pregnancy?

According to this source, the number of women who have regular mammograms are dropping, particularly among those who are low-income. This is a very interesting topic, especially because report, after report, after report, tells us that breast cancer can be treated. As one doctor on NPR said, if it is a killer, and can be avoided, then make the tests accessible. Put free mammogram clinic vans in front of the mall, the bank, or in the neighborhood. Not being able to afford health insurance (like me) means that many potentially deadly diseases go undetected.

Six states require an ultrasound to women who seek abortions, as legislators claim the tests are medically necessary. Pro-choice proponents say NO, what they do is try to emotionally attach the women to the fetus. A woman knows when she is ready to be a parent or not, and this type of legislation only puts leashes tighter around that free-will choice.