Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My USC feminist professor speaks

Dr. Diana Blaine talks about the ideological creation of being normal, and societies DEMAND for conformity. Once one realizes that by putting labels on who or what is normal, we automatically decide who is not abnormal.

She asks what/who are you PERFORMING, and who is going to benefit from NOT speaking up for those who are "not normal" (i.e. the LGBT community, women who are not mothers, couples who are not married)? She also talks about the ways in which society decides what is normal or not for folks who are not white, who are not rich, and who are not educated.

And while we may not walk in the shoes of those who are oppressed, we can stand up for those who need advocating, we can tell people that it is not cool to tell racist or sexist jokes. If you are privileged in any way, use the power to stand up for those who may not be.

She is an awesome leader, and this 48 minute clip is amazing, moving, intellectual. She is brilliant.