Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Women are too dumb to make choices?

The International Herald Tribune explores the topic of post-abortion stress disorder, which includes the emotional roller coasters of those women who have had abortions in the last 30 years since Roe vs. Wade. It cites last month’s Supreme Court decision that banned partial birth abortions. The main reason? Because women are too emotional and unstable to make a decision about her life, or the life of her fetus. One justice was cited as saying there are three decades of examples where women are living post trauma in an emotion-filled world because they made the decision to terminate.

Ok. What about the folks who have children but cannot afford to have them? What about the folks who have children because they were a victim of rape or incest? What about the folks who have children, but are addicted to drugs or alcoholics? What about those folks who shove fundamental religious b.s. down the throats of their children? Aren’t all of these folks living in an emotional state too? Which is better? Should we have generations of victims, or cut these lives off at the pass? This is where choice comes in. Women, and their families or partners, DO have the ability to think for their selves, despite what legislation tells us otherwise. WE are smart enough to understand consequence, and it is my contention that the ability to care about the lives affected by HAVING the baby is one emotion that women are fully capable of expressing.

Clearly, abortion is a deeply debated issue, but I believe that it goes WAY deeper than the morals or life of the unborn fetus. This is not just about life or death. This is, again, yet another way for the powers-that-be to take control of our bodies. And in fact, they are now attempting to control our minds. Because of course, women are just too damn stupid to think for their selves, and too damn emotional to make rational choices. Right. So we are just expected to sit back and allow a man (there is only one woman who sits on the Supreme Court) to decide our fate? Well, I’m not gonna sit back; and I hope that any other woman – who is breathing – does not either because this is not about your take on abortion, this is about who you are as a person. Apparently, those men in position of power feel we are not even that: people. We appear to be mounds of flesh with no cognitive reasoning to make informed, intelligent choices. What I fear is that the take-over of the female mind may one day trickle down to other choices: whether or not we can live without a husband; whether we can have credit or apply for a loan (can we think fiscally?); and so on.