Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MidWeek News

The new Big Brother will begin with only women contestants; slowly men will be added to the mix. The reason? "It will be a hilarious start,' one insider tells the Daily Mirror. 'The girls' behavior will be fascinating. The first man in will be a real hunk - so the girls can flirt and fight over him.'" Yeah so tune in if you want to watch a group of ladies demoralizing each other, and being catty, coy and jealous for the cameras.

An opinionated take on male vs. female writers, and the ways in which society views American ladies as mushy -- even when they do write about non-lovey-dovey topics, they are still writing about "male" subjects: ships, cowboys, accordion. What is most interesting, is that there seems to be a double standard in terms of writing about emotions, family and relationships: "When writers like [Jeffrey] Eugenides write about families and relationships, critics marvel at their capacity for empathy. When a female writer does the same thing, they sigh and roll their eyes. Men aren't penalized for focusing on family and relationship. Rather, we wonder at their empathy because of their gender." The writer of this piece asks the question -- of which I have asked as well -- where is the outcry? Where is our generation, who should be screaming against the prescribed gender roles? Where are the feminists?